(tasty) Biscuits and (good) Coffee

After a long run, I was cold and starving.  I needed a cup of good coffee and some good comfort food. It was a great day for a good biscuit.

I was around University District and went to Morsel, which I was not familiar with. Among the 3 sandwiches offered, I chose the Spanish Fly, a buttermilk biscuit with prosciutto, arugula, fried running egg, manchego, and pepper aioli.

The fresh baked biscuit was delicious and it was garnished with high-quality products.

The service is super friendly and people there really care about your opinion. So I told them that I really liked my “sammie”, as they called their sandwiches.

Morsel University District 4754 University Way NE
Everyday : 8am to 3pm


Storyville, a Hidden Coffee Place

The location of this hidden cafe close to Pike Market is perfect: Storyville is located on the second floor of a building across Pike Place Market. To find it, just follow the signs.

The decor is nice and resting in the comfy armchairs is extremely relaxing. You can play a game called IRK that is set on some tables.

Their pastries looked great but I only ordered a cup of coffee, which I enjoyed while relaxing and watching the place.

Through the windows you can see the Market and the Puget Sound, weather permitting.

And of course, WiFi is available!

Storyville 94 Pike St. #34