Bauhaus Books and Coffee
on Capitol Hill

Did you ever go to the Bauhaus Books and Coffee? It was at the corner of Melrose Avenue and East Pine Street, close to Melrose Market. The building is being remodeled now so they closed the place down and I miss it.


However, they reopened no more than one block away from the former place. They still have the bookcases filled with old books and what I particularly like is that it is now oriented south and really sunny in the morning. They also have a nice deck on the second floor.
On a sunny early spring morning, I had a very tasty Cappuccino to start my day and decided where I would head.

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Bauhaus Books and Coffee 414 East Pine Street


INKED by Wan Qingli at SAAM

Modern ink paintings with a great sense of humor

Chinese painting exhibit? Yes, but this one is a really modern and funny one. It’s a small show that occupies one only room in the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

My favorites:
Rights infringements: “Every now and then one hears of so called famous people filling out lawsuits against infringements on their image rights. Now that electronic mice are everywhere do the mice ladies and gentlemen have any plans?”
Celebrities of peace: “The white pigeon muses that, since the world is still an unsafe place in the 21st century, it will continue to be employed. The grey pigeon thinks no matter what I cannot contract the bird flu.”

In a completely different style: you should not miss “WISHES FOR LONGEVITY”, a wonderful 5-panel work.

INKED” by Wan Qingli – Until June 29, 2014

Seattle Asian Art Museum Volunteer Park:  1400 East Prospect St

Best Baguettes in Seattle 2014

Where to find the Best Baguette in Seattle?

Columbia City Bakery Bakery Nouveau

To French people, bread is something serious. Especially baguettes. We have a large choice of great bakeries in Seattle but when it comes to baguettes, we are not as fortunate. I have two favorites: Columbia City Bakery and Bakery Nouveau.

Their baguettes are crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. They taste delicious.

When a baguette is good, it will never get all the way home in one piece. When I was little, I would walk to the Boulangerie to buy bread for the family dinner, and always ate the “croûton” (the extra crust at the tip of the baguette) on the way back… I still do.

And you, where do you buy your favorite baguette?

— Columbia City Bakery 4865 Rainier Ave. S
— Bakery Nouveau: 2 locations