A Play with spectacular reviews at Seattle Repertory Theatre!

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the airspace was closed and 38 planes were diverted to Gander, Canada, making this small town unexpected hosts to an international community. Residents of Gander volunteered with generosity and warm-heartedness to house, feed, and entertain the travelers.

As season subscribers at the Seattle Repertory Theatre, this play was part of our package. We had no idea what we would see that night and did not know it was a musical as the SRT usually presents only plays not musicals.

Last Tuesday, we saw “COME FROM AWAY” and we loved it.

The show is very well crafted, moving, funny, and heartwarming. The staging is efficient and flowing freely between sequences and talented performers fill several roles amazingly.

We have decided to see it again and we will bring our kids (12 and 17) next weekend.

The SRT added shows and the last one is now December 20th. Get your tickets while you still can.

It is only $16 for students.

Seattle Repertory Theatre 

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Cafe presse

Cafe Presse logo, red quill feather on a yellow diamond with the word PRESSE is very recognizable for French people. It is the neon sign for “Presse store” everywhere in France and most of the time you can find at the same place, with newspapers and magazines, a bar or coffee Place.

In Seattle, you can go to Cafe Presse for breakfast, brunch, dinner, for watching international and often european soccer games, or just drink a coffee. You can also go there to buy some “presse” at the news stand. Last time, I bought an issue of Elle à Table, a French cooking magazine. Here is the list of titles they sell:

We went there last Saturday, the day after Paris attacks, in a search of a French atmosphere to alleviate our sad mood and the feeling we had to be so far from France and the city we have lived in for more than 20 years.


It was a cold day and I had a soup but my kids and husband had Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame. They are always good and not as cheese-heavy as at some other places in town.

By the way, do you know the difference between a Croque Monsieur and a Croque Madame ?  Croque monsieur is a grilled ham and cheese and when topped with a fried egg it is a Croque Madame.

Here is a little story: a long time ago, we went to a restaurant with our kids. My husband ordered a Croque Monsieur (Mr.), I ordered a croque Madame (Mrs.). My daughter, who was 3 at that time, with her little but firm voice, said:  “I would like a Croque Fille!” which means “girl”. Isn’t that cute?


I like the room with the bar that looks like a real Café Presse in France. There is a patio in front of the restaurant. Oriented southeast, it is a fantastic place to hang out when the sun shines.

Café Presse  1117 12th Ave


Klondike Gold Rush

This National Historic Park is always a fun visit. If you have kids, they have surely already had field trips there. Each time, we have out of towners, we “pay” the Klondike a small visit. Pay is not a good word choice as the admission is free.

The exhibit is about the fascinating time period in Seattle history when thousands of people arrived in town after newspapers ran the headline: “Gold in Yukon!”.  The exhibit in the “Park” (the ancient Cadillac Hotel in Pioneer Square) presents the story of the Gold rush to the Yukon, dreams that followed the announcement, the expeditions, choice of paths, gold, and destinies.

A scavenger hunt is available for kids. Ask the Park rangers.

Admission is free.

Klondike Gold Rush  319 Second Avenue South. On the northwest corner of 2nd Avenue South and South Jackson Street.