Murals around Seattle

I love Seattle’s many murals. Some consider them graffiti, while others see them as another form of art. They also can be ads. Often painted directly on a wall, the murals incorporate bricks, stones, metal or architectural elements in their designs.

Downtown, a beautiful orca.


another one


On the side of Fremont Studio: Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

20150805_1716_2714 20150805_1715_2712

In Fremont, a still life coffee house.


In Fremont again.


In International District, by artist Erik Burke (


In Beacon Hill, on the wall of Kusina Filipina by a group of artists called Matamuros.

20150312_1341_8156 20150312_1341_8159 20150312_1341_8159

One more in Ballard





Petit Pierre Bakery

Freshly arrived from France, Alex and Laure decided to start a French bakery in Magnolia Village. Named after their son, Petit Pierre Bakery has been open for less than 2 months.

Laure’s specialities are petits choux, huge madeleines, macarons and all traditional French pastries. My favorite so far? Pistachio madeleines, chocolate petits choux, and the lemon tarts

The other day, I stopped by after a walk in Discovery Park for lunch. I bought a combo; a soup with a quiche or a sandwich. The made from scratch lentil and carrots soup was delicious.

If you live in Magnolia’s neighborhood or go to Discovery Park, stop by! They are so friendly and hardworking and their bakery smells like France !

Petit Pierre Bakery3204 W. McGraw St.

Closed on Mondays. Open on Sundays from 8am to 1pm.