Bar Melusine

Situated in Capitol Hill on the corner of Union Street and 11th avenue, Bar Melusine is a lovely place which benefits of light coming through its large windows. Everything in the decor is rather white with some green details – the green and white floor tiles looks beautiful. In short: I really like the atmosphere of the newest of Renee Erickson‘s Restaurants (The Whale Wins, Bateau, General Porpoise, The Walrus and the carpenter…).

In terms of food, the menu is mostly composed of (very) small plates, of seafood that are meant to be shared.

Each dish we ordered was good but none were particularly exceptional or  memorable. I only remember a series of small plates. May be our expectations were too high due to it being a Renee Erickson’s restaurants. But we will be going back to try new things.


Bar Melusine  1060 E Union Street 


Mood Indigo Textiles From Around The World

This is an unusual exhibit created around the color blue, showing how indigo brings different moods to the textile throughout the history and throughout the world.

The exhibits encompasses a lot of beautiful pieces like Indonesian ikats, African batiks, Japanese kimonos, Belgium tapestries, and, Egyptian rugs. Each piece is outstanding by its aesthetic and by the technic used.

Don’t miss the contemporary installation made of colored panels dyed in different shades of blue. In the same room you can see dried leaves of indigo plant hanging on the walls along with an explanation of how indigo pigment is obtained from a very special green plant.

I enjoyed a lot my quiet time around these beautiful pieces.

Hungry after your visit, grab a coffee or a lunch here.

Seattle Asian Art Museum Volunteer Park 1400 east Prospect Street

From April 9 through October 9th 2016